US Tech Retailers BABA and AMZN to disappoint

US Tech Retailers BABA and AMZN to disappoint



Christmas is here, could it be that the…


…US Tech Retailers BABA and AMZN are set to disappoint?



Note Above:

  1. the OBV divergence
  2. the exhaustive melt up high
  3. The precipitative Gap sell off
  4. The Legacy Upside funnel run [L1 & RL2]
  5. The failure in the gap zone currently [RH1/2]
  6. 775 as a KLoS [Not Drawn]


BABA Daily

Note below:

  1. Meltup exhaustive gap at 90 KLoS on final melt up exhaustion run
  2. Small Red Head & Shoulders with 100 neckline made target at 90
  3. Target 90 is possible RL1 Inv HVF at KLoS [90 and H&S TGT]
  4. Potential Larger H&S with 90 neckline, possible TGT 70 [Both H&S’s done HVF Method manner]
  5. OBV falling away, new low vs RL1’s OBV value, although price yet to make it.
  6. Lower chart: gap for it break at 90 over the 90 KLoS
  7. Weak return move post gap down to 90 then new low



Conclusion with a higher probability than normal =>

…US Tech Retailers BABA and AMZN to disappoint.


Trade Short Amazon at any rally towards 775 – TGT 682, Stop at rally high post move down, initial stop RH2.

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