WARNING: A NOTE ON RELEVANCE, this site and its services are not for most people.

ALSO: Financial Speculation can cause losses to your trade equity. No representations are meant as inducements to trade, all decisions your own!



Thank you for swinging by my site.

This site is primarily directed towards the following people, check if you fit on at least 7 of these:

  1. You are Male*
  2. You are in the 33 – 59 year old age group
  3. You are either:
    1. an entrepreneur, self employed, or a property person
    2. adegree’d professional in Engineering, IT, Architecture, certain medical professionals, or other sciences graduate, a finance professional, airline pilot or have reasonable, to well above average maths aptitude. In this category you already understand the value of well refined mechanical process
  4. If you are Employed, you have already been considering a change out of the big corporate environment into a more ‘self directed’ existence, where you can work directly on your own financial freedom, lifestyle and time freedom, for other possible hobbies/interests
  5. If you run a business, the notion of a capital Intensive business, yet employee free business without mandatory opening hours resonates with your current desires
  6. You may have already attended training for becoming a successful trader before, at a different provider, or begun watching/reading, free/premium YouTube/Vimeo/Blog content/Twitter leaders, in the trading space
  7. Something you have seen, or heard involving ‘The Market Sniper’ principles, resonates with you as representing a value point or truth, and you wish to know more.
  8. The words Geometry, Symmetry and Contrarianism, have meaning to you beyond just their English meaning
  9. You could easily consider developing and winning in your trading, as fascinating mind fodder, and a great elaborate game of ‘work’, you understand to win, you must have edge and be disciplined and apply it consistently
  10. You typically take a far larger sense of responsibility than most others, when decisions you where implicit in, do not go to plan, seeking to implicate or blame others is generally a wasted activity for you.
  11. Others have indicated that you are more ‘self aware’ than most, and recognise in yourself early, when your feelings, emotions, physiology and psychology may wary and the likely causes therefore [Know Thyself!]

If you can say a resounding yes to 7 or more of these points, welcome, you have found your home, your future trading community and baseplate for the launch [Relaunch!] of your trading journey and dreams.


[*Ladies welcome, by being drawn to trading, and this particular approach, you are merely the gender exception over the rule approx. 12%, we are delighted to have you]